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03 April 2010 @ 03:30 pm
It's over~  
And that concludes Novel Koushien 2010! Yay~

Community Word Count: 14,810
Community Completed Works - 27
Pairings Completed (Fic) - 13
Pairings Completed (Art) - 14

Though things quieted down and we went out with a bit of a whimper, I'm frankly impressed we even got you all here and making so many nice things at all. ^^ And no matter what way you slice it, you all definitely generated more Oofuri fanworks than the English Oofuri fandom has seen in quite a while! And I'm sure the boys appreciated all that attention.

As for our top performers...


Most Runs: ajthefourth (2) (6 submissions)
........Runners up kaoro (1 run, 4 subs), tomoe_daeva (1 run, 3 subs), choukaku (1 run, 2 subs)
Most Completed Fic: ajthefourth (4)
........Runners up 06seconds_left, kaoro, rueli (2)
Most completed Art: tomoe_daeva (3)
........Runners up ajthefourth, kaoro, choukaku (2)
Highest Total Wordcount: ajthefourth (5591)
........Runner up kaoro (2306)

As a reward to AJtheFourth and tomoe_daeva for their valliant efforts, they may if they so wish have their choice of 4 slaves volunteers to give them a little something back in return. (AJ, since you were top in 3 categories you may chose 3 people's offers, though of course if you don't care to you can always take less). Samples of the volunteers' work are linked.

rueli offers art (1 or 2 full-color character(s) [waist-up] with a very simple background. Nothing over PG13 (i.ei. No nudity or suggestive poses) please.)

daisy_chan offers podfic (with the understanding that she may not be able to get to it till possibly May), art (a wiggles drawlet (like this only less hastily drawn ;p;;), or a volume of the latest Oofuri tankoban when she's able to get her hands on it in May.

jinsunpyo_18 offers art or fic (sample Oofuri fic here). I have not gotten a chance to ask her yet what she has time/is willing to do, but I do happen to know she is shameless. (...Though ok, she finds the Oofuri boys rather too innocent to imagine them doing dirty things easily. ^^)

narwhaltorte offers art, fic, or choice of what Oofuri doujin she scanlates next. (With the understanding she has done the first two little enough there's basically no telling how long something could take her or what length or quality it will be when finished. ^^ As for the latter, she'd need a little time to collect the options to show you your choices. (Only one of them has anything pornish, though. ^^) Though if it's ok with them, you could probably also request she translate any of the doujin other scanlation groups have but that don't have translators.)

Comment to let us know who you'd like to claim and what you'd like to request!


Thanks to everyone who participated in Novel Koushien by helping to set the community and game structure up, contributed ideas, watched and commented on submissions, and of course especially to those who made the actual submissions for everyone to appreciate. I'm glad you didn't leave me to create an overambitious community and then sit all alone in it. I hope everyone had fun~

Stay tuned for the Novel Koushien feedback post and let us know how things went for you.

Now we really should hold hands. *points to comments*
Jen: tajimaterflyyyjinsunpyo_18 on April 4th, 2010 02:34 am (UTC)
*sits down beside and clasps proffered hand* We are a team! We can go all the way!
narwhaltorte: Thornnarwhaltorte on April 4th, 2010 04:29 am (UTC)
Jennies' hand is so warm. It fills me with the strength to make so much more perverted gay baseball fanworks.

....Wait a second.

Are you using our mind joining powers for nefarious purposes? *test the connection* zzzt zzt zzzzzzt :(
Jen: pr0n facejinsunpyo_18 on April 4th, 2010 06:03 am (UTC)
keh heh heh... Zzzzt!