novel koushien!

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Novel Koushien!
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NaNoWriMo-inspired Oofuri fanworks collection/novel project.

Novel Koushien is a project to create an Oofuri fanwork collection novel of 50,000 words using every possible (romantic or platonic) pairing combination between the ten Nishura boys, plus other popular pairings involving other characters.

This year, Novel Koushien will be 3 months long, starting January 1 and ending April 2, the last day of the real spring Koushien.

Novel Koushien will be split into 9 innings. At the end of each inning, mods will post the fanworks that were turned in during the inning. For the first two months, innings will be spaced once every two weeks, then once every week for the last month. Innings will always end on Friday.

1st inning – January 1-15
2nd inning – January 16-29
3rd inning – January 30-February 12
4th inning – February 13-26
5th inning – February 27-March 5
6th inning – March 6-12
7th inning – March 13-19
8th inning – March 20-26
9th inning – March 27-April 2

Basic Rules
1. Join the community.
2. When pairing claim is opened (estimated mid December), pick some unclaimed pairings. (See rules for claiming pairings.)
3. Write fics of 500 words or more (700+ is encouraged for us to reach our word count).
OR – Draw one piece of fanart.
4. Email your completed works to the mods. Please check the Submission Checklist before submitting so you don't forget to include any information!
5. (If you so desire) claim some more pairings and do it all over again.

Note: Please don't post your fic elsewhere until it has been posted in Novel Koushien by the mods.

Any Oofuri fan is encouraged to participate. Even if you do not normally write or draw, you can claim less popular pairings so that those who do can focus on creating better fic for the pairings they have. Mods can post your work anonymously upon request when you turn it in.

Join any time before or during Novel Koushien and help us reach our goal together (or compete against one another for prizes).

See rules for fanart, competition, and collaborations.
See competition scoreboard.
See fic/art master list.

Rules for Using the Community
1. Anyone can watch, but please only join if you plan to participate.
2. Posting in the community is open to all members. The community may be used for any Novel Koushien related discussions, such as setting up collaborations, or asking for help generating ideas.
3. Participants, please lock your posts so that we do not spam fic watchers with our internal discussions.
4. Use common sense and be courteous. Novel Koushien is friendly to both het and slash platonic, romantic, and sexual pairings. You will be warned for behaving inappropriately, and if you do not heed our warnings we will ban you.

Still Have Questions?
Please contact us at novel.koushien[at]gmail.com for further assistance.